Jeff Holly

Jeff’s Local #359 Journey

Jeff Holly was elected Business Manager of the Arizona Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union #359 in June 2015.

Jeff began in the sheet metal industry in March of 1997. Five years prior to joining Local #359, he worked as a telephone lineman for a small contractor in Northeastern Arizona. He sought employment and admission to the Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program to provide a livable wage and insurance for his young family, including a son with special needs. He began working with University Mechanical on the Bank One Ballpark project in downtown Phoenix, and continued working for University throughout his five-year apprenticeship. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Jeff received the Outstanding Apprentice Award for the Class of 2002.

Jeff worked as a journeyman sheet metal worker and served as a jobsite steward on several projects over the next few years. In 2005, he was appointed to the Local #359 Executive Board to finish a vacated term. He was then elected to serve on the Executive Board in June of 2006 and served until 2009. Jeff successfully ran for the position of Business Representative for Local #359 in 2010, serving in that role until elected Business Manager/FST in 2015.

More About Jeff

Jeff Holly was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 12, 1971. He is the second of four boys to Scott and Mary Holly. Mary, a homemaker, is the daughter of sheet metal worker and Local #359 member Arthur Farrand Scott, who specializes in lagging and decking for powerhouses all over the southwestern United States. The Holly family moved frequently for work until settling in Pinetop, Arizona, in 1978. Jeff attended grade school, junior high, and high school in the Blue Ridge School District and graduated from Blue Ridge High School in 1989. After graduating, Jeff spent two years at Eastern Arizona Community College in Thatcher, Arizona, on an athletic scholarship, and afterwards spent a semester at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Jeff is a father of two, Rhett and Dain, and has been married to his wife Amy for over 25 years. He and his two brothers, Scott and Dave, are third generation Local #359 Sheet Metal Workers.

In Local #359, it’s truly all about family!

Thomas McDermott

Tom’s Local #359 Journey

As a sheet metal worker, Tom has held many offices within the union. He served as President and Executive Board Member, served on the Joint Labor/Management Apprenticeship Committee, and is a trustee to the health, welfare and pension funds. Tom is currently a Business Representative for northern Arizona. His career in the union started in 1983, as a tradesman in a residential sheet metal shop. He joined the apprenticeship program in 1985 and graduated in 1989. While serving in his apprenticeship, his abilities and goals carried him into the commercial and industrial areas of our trade. Once he graduated as a journeyman, Tom had the opportunity to work and travel to both Hawaii and Las Vegas for five years. Once he completed his travels, he returned to Arizona to work for a mechanical contractor for 13 years as a supervisor, overseeing many different kinds of projects.

More About Tom

Tom enjoys keeping himself busy outside of work, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and traveling the country often. Tom can also be caught attending concerts and going to museums.

As Tom puts it: “I would have to say that being a union member for 31 years has been good to me, my family, and my career. The union has made a lot of things possible, with many endless opportunities that I’m sure still lie ahead. I look forward to many more years to come.”

Pat Montroy

Pat’s Local #359 Journey

Pat began his career in Michigan in 1984 as a technician in the kitchen equipment field, servicing restaurants. He later moved to southern California (in part to escape the Midwest weather) and went to work for a commercial dishwasher manufacturer as a service representative. In 1988, he stumbled upon a great opportunity to enter into an exciting and rewarding career in the HVAC field in 1988. After moving to Arizona to care for his ailing father, he went to refrigeration school and worked for several smaller HVAC shops in the area for several years until he finally joined the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union #359 as a journeyman sheet metal worker on August 11th, 2000.

For Pat, it was a very intimidating experience working next to the very best trained and the most qualified sheet metal workers in the state. Soon enough, he realized how the camaraderie and the brotherhood that come with being a member of this great organization made him feel right at home. He signed up for every journeyman educational course offered and honed his skills to be the best sheet metal worker possible.

In 2007, Pat applied for and was granted a position working directly with the union, seeing it as a way to give back to an organization that gave him so much. In 2012, Pat was elected Business Representative for Local #359 and still serves in that position today!

More About Pat

On a personal side, Pat was married in 2014 to his lovely wife Coty. Together, they enjoy traveling and attending the many outdoor community events. His favorite sports are college football and hockey. “For all you Ohio State fans: GO BLUE!!!”

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